Fall Frenzy Tournament Saturday, October 9

It was a blast to watch our team battle through another long tournament. The next one is this Saturday, October 9, at the Utah Athletic Center at 51 River Bend Way, North Salt Lake, UT 84054 (Club V North facility). Our team is currently scheduled to play first at 8:00 AM which is an hour earlier than all of our previous tournaments. I would like all of the players to be in the gym and warming up on court 7 by 7:25 AM at the latest. More tournament details can be found at UBVA.info.

It was a long hard day finishing 2nd in the 16s Gold bracket on September 25, 2021!

Thank you to the Straw family who provided food for the boys last tournament and Kaala Tafa for this Saturday. The day in the gym may not be as long with only 16 teams in our division. But, the players should have eaten a healthy and fulfilling breakfast before coming to the tournament which means getting up extra early. Players should still pack extra snacks. No players should leave the venue for food. Please ensure the athletes always have the following: both uniform tops, black athletic shorts, water bottle, athletic shoes, and player folder with a pen or pencil. (Optional items to bring are a chair, kneepads, hoodie, sweats, and/or blanket.) Each venue where we play will charge an entry fee. It is typically $5 per spectator. Athletes and coaches on the roster may enter for free. All players should expect to help with officiating responsibilities and stay until the end of the day unless they are released to their parents by the coach.

I will be checking the progress each individual has made with their player folders at practice today. All of their journal entries should be filled-in for every practice day (whether they attended or not), game day notes from our last tournament, AND every assignment must be completed including last week’s Growth Mindset Homework and this week’s Ten Signs You Are A Great Teammate.

The Player Medical Release Form is also past due for those few who haven’t yet completed it. Please download, complete, and email or print to give in-person.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.