First Tournament Saturday, September 11

I look forward to seeing how we compete and how well we have learned how to run a 5-1 (and/or 6-2) offense this weekend. We will scrimmage other Club V South boys teams on Friday, September 10, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM on Court 1. Players should wear a black jersey or t-shirt if they have one. Club V has a policy of no parents or spectators allowed in the building for this first FNL (Friday Night Lights) event. I will give each player their folder back when they arrive to write down a goal with keys and principles to achieve it.

I know the Rotations Quiz was a difficult and time consuming assignment. Nobody was able to answer every question correctly. The sooner we can internalize this, the sooner we can help each other on the court and focus on other aspects of the game. Thanks to John Earnest, here is a link to a YouTube video which helps to explain a 5-1 rotation. Here is a link to a PDF document with all of the quiz answers filled-in for each player to review:

Our tournament on Saturday, September 11, is at the Utah Athletic Center at 51 River Bend Way, North Salt Lake, UT 84054 (Club V North volleyball facility). Our team is currently scheduled to officiate first at 9:00 AM. I would like all of the players to be in the gym and on court 9 by 8:30 AM at the latest in case anything changes. We are playing in the 16s division to ensure we play against good competition. More tournament details can be found at

Thank you to the Fowler family who has signed up to provide food for the boys on Saturday! Please expect a long day in the gym. The players should have eaten breakfast before coming to the tournament. Players should pack extra snacks if they think they will need them. No players should leave the venue for food. Please ensure you bring the following: both uniform tops (should be given to players tomorrow), black athletic shorts, water bottle, athletic shoes, and player folder with a pen or pencil. (Optional items to bring are a chair, kneepads, hoodie, sweats, and/or blanket.) Each venue where we play will likely charge an entry fee. It is typically $5 per spectator. Athletes and coaches on the roster may enter for free. All players should expect to help with officiating responsibilities and stay until the end of the day unless they are released to their parents by the coach.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.