AAU Boys’ Junior National Volleyball Championships June 27 – July 1

We have our last practice scheduled for tonight, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Please bring your signed waivers which you can print here: https://image.aausports.org/dnn/volleyball/2022/22VBNationals-MinorWaiver.pdf

Players also should bring a copy of their proof of age for the Head Coach to present at TEAM CHECKIN on Monday and to be available before and/or anytime during the event upon request of the event staff. The following are acceptable forms of proof of age (HOSPITAL RECORDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!): a) A copy of a valid driver’s license, learner’s permit, state photo identity card or government issued passport. b) A copy of birth record from the STATE, COUNTY OR MUNICIPAL BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS from the place of birth.

For those who are staying at the Airbnb, I will text you a code to get your vehicles through the gate and the code to enter the front door.

Monday, June 27, we will check-in and have a practice in the Orange County Convention Center. Parking on-site costs $10 per day.

Tuesday, June 28, through Friday, July 1, we will have multiple matches each afternoon. Our specific playing schedule is posted within AES here: https://results.advancedeventsystems.com/event/PTAwMDAwMjkwMTA90/divisions/131015/teams/-58842

Watch matches streamed live here!

Spectator tickets can be purchased online here.

We will not plan to spend much time overexerting ourselves during competition days to ensure we have enough energy to play our best each day. Of course we will find time to enjoy the amenities at the resort, but our main focus will be to hang out as a team and prepare for our matches. Reasonable sleep schedules will be expected of every player and room assignments could be changed if players do not adhere to those expectations. We can plan a trip to the beach after play concludes on Friday.

Players should eat a healthy and fulfilling breakfast AND lunch before coming to the tournament each day. We will help the players pack snacks and enough food to get through each day and not have to leave the venue for food. Please ensure the athletes have packed both uniform tops, black athletic shorts AND Club V shorts (we should have the larger sized shorts at V South tonight at practice!), water bottle, athletic shoes, all team t-shirts and hoodies. (Optional items to bring are kneepads, sweats, and/or blanket.) All players should expect to help with officiating responsibilities and stay until the end of each day unless they are released to their parents by the coach.

Remember, the amazing deal for the Orlando Airbnb is only possible if every player has completely paid their fees to Club V. If so, it will only cost each person just $27 per night including food (at the house and sack lunches) and transportation for the players to/from each of our activities every day. You can look up your totals in this Google Doc which contains our ITINERARY which I will keep updated: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t_ojl94jSfR1ePag2z1MdlhGs0qIZpa58Gs4iNNwWFE/

Please Venmo the total amount owed if you haven’t already and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.