5:30 PM Wednesday, May 15 Team Party

It has been really difficult not going to our practices each week. I hope we all can get together this Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:30 PM (or however long you are able to stay). I have reserved a couple bowling lanes and the entire gaming center for us to play games that night. We will meet by the ping pong tables next to the bowling alley on the first floor of the Student Life and Wellness Center at Utah Valley University. The best place to park is in lot L13 next to the SL building. This is a potluck event and families are invited!

Thank you for such a fun season! It was a blast to watch our team play in Logan with some exciting matches. I will always remember the gritty intensity of coming back in the third set of our semi-final match versus GSL. I am impressed with how far we have progressed as a team and have spent far too much time trying to narrow down so many highlights captured in our game film. I’m afraid the final version will only have a handful so the highlight video is a reasonable length. However, I do have most of the original videos if any of you want a specific match I would be happy to give you a copy.

I look forward to getting together one last time as a team to celebrate the end of this season and begin looking to some fun Summer activities. I will talk about the many opportunities to play outdoor volleyball which I think is the best way to refine your skills in the off-season. Please RSVP by responding to this email (or text me) with how many people from your family will attend the party on Wednesday. See you then!