It has been a joy being in the gym with this team! They have learned so much and are already improving so much. Please take a moment to have a discussion about what they are writing down in their player folders. The more we can explain about what we’re learning, the better we all will internalize and remember the keys and principles we have discussed.

The players have a homework assignment due today. The SMART Goals Template should be filled out with a sample goal (possibly the one chosen for today’s practice) and each question answered to make it more “SMART”. The players are expected to have written daily SMART goals for every practice for the rest of the season.

I apologize for getting this out so late. I will try to have this email with the homework assignment sent at least 24 hours before it is due. So, I’m including next week’s assignment today too. The “Ten Things That Require Zero Talent” assignment must be turned in by the beginning of practice on Thursday, December 6. Players can always turn homework in early, email or text answers to get “credit” for doing it.

Thank you all for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns