So much progress!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Pritchards and and Memmotts! I think we have some of the most supportive parents of players I may have ever coached. The meals and food have far exceeded everybody’s expectations. We certainly have had more than sufficient food and energy to get the girls through our long days of playing volleyball. We, the coaches appreciate it too! Now it is the coaches turn to return the favor. We will ensure your daughters have all the food and snacks they need while we’re in Colorado.

We got off to a slow start at our tournament on Friday, but we were able to identify a few areas where we could improve and it looked as if a whole new team showed up on Saturday. I was so impressed with the progress we made in that short amount of time. I was so pleased that by the end of the second day I was able to just sit on the bench and watch the girls play. They were coaching themselves, saying the right things, being in the right place, and taking care of business all on their own. The difference was like night and day with our mindset, communication, and overall attitude. It was fun to just watch them play. Not every game was a win, but I was so pleased with HOW we played. We still have work to do and know some areas where we must continue to improve, but I hope you all will recognize how well they worked together as a team. I expect we will see even better competition in Colorado and must go into that tournament with a similar mindset.

I gave out the homework assignment last week, Talking Points Week 9: Recommitting to Mastery, which reminds us to continue to stay focused on our effort, learning, and bouncing back from mistakes. Please turn in the homework by the beginning of practice tomorrow, March 6, with your name on it. We will discuss our answers and review the tournament stats at practice to help us prepare for our next tournament.

We will scrimmage Club Utah 15 Cecil at Thursday’s practice in our gym at Freedom Prep High School. Feel free to invite friends and family to watch any practice and/or scrimmage.

For those who have read this far (I know, my emails sometimes get kind of long), you can get a big reward for doing the following training. I encourage all the players to do the Junior Scorer, Libero Control, Junior Line Judge, and Junior Second Referee training before this weekend, but I know they probably already feel swamped with school work especially since they are likely missing a couple days just to go to Denver. I have something really nice for anybody who completes all of the Junior Officiating Education modules! The players will need to log into Webpoint and click on the “Log into USAV Academy” red button and then click the Course Catalog to register for the free online training courses. Each course takes anywhere from 6 to 23 minutes to complete in one sitting. I recommend everybody start with the Scoring Basics so we all know how to do the bookkeeping correctly at the table. Please let me know if you have any questions.