We are spoiled!

We are so spoiled! I am so grateful for the support of all of the parents. Mele and Kela, the food at the tournament was amazing! It was nice to play on our home court and not have to travel. We are especially spoiled because of the great parents, players, and several coaches who are dedicated to helping our team reach our potential. I feel so spoiled by being surrounded by so many great people! I have seen some tremendous growth by our players already and I know we can do even better. I loved watching our team play through several intense games and spectacular plays. However, I know we can and will continue to improve. A major factor in each player’s progress is how mindful and focused they can be at practice and in a scrimmage or match. Writing down both physical and mental goals in their journals is one of the best ways we can remember what we’re working toward. Parents, please feel free to ask your daughter what they have written before and/or after a practice and WHY. The more they can talk and write about what they are learning, the better they can internalize and think about it on their own.

The players received a “homework assignment” last week and at the tournament which is due by the beginning of practice, tomorrow, February 6. It talks about the Magic Ratio. Download and print it if you do not have the copy I handed out last week. We have been working on being more positive to each other and ourselves no matter what happened on the previous play. Even our body language can help OR hurt how we and our teammates play. We are learning how to become better players and teammates by being more mentally tough. The players should remember to also write in their journals in the game day notes section some highlights from this past tournament including three things they did well and one thing they can improve.

I have added some additional team party opportunities to the calendar for the captains to review. I hope the players come up with some of their own ideas for our future parties.

I wasn’t able to talk to every parent and player about the possibility of considering the AAU National tournament in Orlando in June. Please let me know your thoughts about adding an additional tournament to our schedule. We could consider something closer (which likely makes it less expensive), but still out-of-state like Los Angeles or Las Vegas. And of course, it would always be easy and least expensive to add another local tournament or two in-state. Please let me know which option you would consider supporting.