2nd Tournament

I passed out the homework assignment last week which is due by the beginning of practice, today, January 30. It talks about Honoring the Game. I am proud of how our players, coaches, and parents handled both our wins and losses at our last tournament. I am impressed with how we are coming together as a team and look forward to seeing that unity and trust evolve into fluid play on the court. Download and print this if you do not have the copy I handed out last week.

We have a team party scheduled for this coming Friday night. I expect the captains to discuss the details with the team at practice so we can make appropriate plans. We have a tournament early the next morning, so we shouldn’t do anything too late or strenuous. I can get us into bowling and other games at UVU if you’re interested…

Our next tournament will be played at our own facility! The players should be in the gym on Saturday by 7:45 AM at the latest to ref the first match and take stats of the teams in our pool. We should expect to to be at our best – especially in our own ‘house’! I’m excited to see us perform at our highest level of play so far.

Some of the parents and players have asked me about the possibility of adding another tournament or two to our schedule. I hope to be able to talk to every parent and player about that possibility. We should consider the AAU National tournament in Orlando if we want to play against some great teams from all around the country in June. It is one of my favorite tournaments which is fairly affordable if we plan far enough in advance. We could also consider something closer, but still out-of-state like Los Angeles or Las Vegas. And of course, it would always be easy and least expensive to add another local tournament or two in-state. Please consider which option you would consider supporting.