Colorado Crossroads

I’ve been watching prices of flights to Denver and today the prices dropped lower than what I paid already for mine, but the deal may not last long. Here is a link for more info:

We have booked rooms for the players and coaches at the following hotel:

There are several hotels in that area very close to the Denver airport if you are not able to get a room at the same place. The players should ideally plan to arrive by 4 PM at the latest so we can check-in and try to fit in a practice in the convention center on Friday night, March 9th.

Players can leave immediately after our last playing or reffing responsibility on Monday, March 12. Play usually runs late on day 3 of the tournament, so we recommend that you schedule any flights departing from Denver International Airport at 6 PM or later. (The airport is about a 45 minute drive from the Convention Center in good weather and normal traffic – bad weather or traffic problems will add to that time.)

Each player and coach must have a $55 USA Volleyball membership to participate in this event. Please go to the following website to register and then print your membership card which must be turned in to me with your photo taped to the back so we can prove eligibility at the tournament.

The coaches will help provide food and drinks during the tournament. However, the girls should bring some spending money to be able to eat out for dinner on one or two nights or get additional food while we’re away from the gym. Breakfast is provided by the hotel. I understand Coach Isa also likes to treat everybody to one nice dinner while we’re there. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this travel tournament. I look forward to it!